What is the Rann Utsav Tent City? Complete Guide

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The white salt desert and the rich culture of Kutch have created many elegant and large towns. Kutch is known for its wide range of hospitality and cultural attractions. The Kutch Rann Utsav is a fantastic place to visit during winter. In Gujarati, Rann means desert, and Utsav means festival, respectively. Festival that celebrates the Kutchi arts, handicrafts, customs, and traditions of Gujarat Kutch. If tourists want to immerse themselves in Gujarat, attending Rann Utsav Tent City in Kutch is an intelligent choice.

Tent City at Dhordo

Dhordo is a village near the Rann of Kutch where a new tent city has been built. And temporary infrastructure is built and rebuilt yearly; a three-day festival has gradually evolved into a 100-day celebration.

In the Rann Utsav, there is a massive expanse of a makeshift city known as the Tent City, which is spread over 5,00,000 square meters. There are 450 tents available in a variety of categories to suit all budgets.

Rann Utsav Tour Package & Pricing 2022-2023

There are a variety of holiday packages available to suit visitors’ needs, from three – to four-day packages. Holidays are filled with entertainment, adventure, fun, and delicious food. The Rann Utsav Tour Package includes stunning views of Kutch Heritage and Kutch Mahotsav.

The Rann Utsav Packages include the following things:

  • Pick-up and drop from Bhuj Airport/Railway Station/Bus Stand.
  • All meals and hi-tea.
  • Trip to White Rann at sunset.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Visit nearby places.

Rann Utsav Tent City Booking Online 2022-2023

Experience the Rann Utsav festival in 2022-23 at Dhordo, Kutch, and Gujarat. It is one of India’s most awaited tourism events, celebrating the wonders of nature and Kutch’s rich cultural and artistic heritage. Visitors can book their tents through the official website for Rann Utsav Tent City Booking.

Classifications of Tents at Rann Utsav Tent City

Various tented accommodations are available for visitors to enjoy, relax, and experience. Each tent features a spacious front porch, attached bathroom, luxury toiletries, air conditioning, and comfortable beds.

There are several varieties of tents listed below:

Darbari suit

There are two bedrooms with king-size beds in Darbari Suite at Tent City Dhordo, a private dining area, a minibar, and a fire pit.

Approximate cost for four persons:

  • Rs. 50,000 (1 Night/2 Day)
  • Rs. 95,000 (2 Night/3 Day)
  • Rs. 1, 40,000 (3 Night/ 4 Day)

Rajwadi Suite

Tent City Dhordo’s Rajwadi Suite is spread over 900 square feet and features a bedroom with a king-sized bed, a private dining area, a minibar, and a campfire area. Its express check-in service and exclusive transfers are also provided.

Approximate cost for two persons:

  • Rs. 25,000 (1 Night/2 Day)
  • Rs. 45,000 (2 Night/3 Day)
  • Rs. 65,000 (3 Night/4 Day)

Premium Tents

The Premium tent at Tent City Rann Utsav is the most popular and booked. It has a king-sized bed and a front porch with a sitting area.

Approximate cost for two persons:

  • Rs. 15,000 (1 Night/2 Day)
  • Rs. 28,500 (2 Night/3 Day)
  • Rs. 41,000 (3 Night/4 Day)

Deluxe AC Swiss Cottages

Deluxe AC Swiss Cottage has 387 square feet and is similar to a Premium tent, except that it does not have a porch. It has comfortable twin beds.

Approximate cost for two persons:

  • Rs. 12,000 (1 Night/2 Day)
  • Rs. 22,500 (2 Night/3 Day)
  • Rs. 33,000 (3 Night/4 Day)

Non-AC Swiss Cottages

Non-AC Swiss Cottages cover 387 square feet without a porch or air conditioning.
The cottages have comfortable twin beds.

Approximate cost for two persons:

  • Rs. 12,000 (1 Night/2 Day)
  • Rs. 22,500 (2 Night/3 Day)
  • Rs. 33,000 (3 Night/4 Day)

Rann Utsav Guide for in-house Activities

Visitors can enjoy in-house activities if they want to stay in Rann Utsav Tent City.

  • Paramotor ride: See the world from a helicopter’s perspective.
  • ATV Ride: Explore the rugged terrain of White Rann on an all-terrain vehicle or quad bike.
  • Skyzilla: It is located within a giant tower and offers rappelling, ziplining, rock climbing, and rope climbing adventure activities.
  • Paint all: Choose your team and play paintball with your Friends and relatives.

Furthermore, if visitors wish to enjoy recreational activities, there is a Club House where they can play chess, pool, or trampoline.

Day tours of Rann Utsav Tent City

Rann Utsav offers one-day tours to many places around the festival, including:

  • Nirona: Popular for Lacquer art, Copper bell art, and Rogan art.
  • Ajrakhpur: There are a lot of ajrakh prints in Ajrakhpur.
  • Hodko: Kutchi Handicrafts in Hodko.
  • Chari Dhand: For wildlife trips, and Cadiya Dhro for barren areas. It is a newly discovered area known as The Grand Canyon of Kutch.

Food at Rann Utsav

One of the most exciting things about Tent City is its food. Gujarati and North Indian cuisine is available in dining halls so everyone can find something they enjoy. Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-Tea, and Dinner are served throughout the day. Dinner includes savory and sweet dishes, as well as live music.

Shopping at Rann Utsav in Kutch

There are small shops between each cluster and a huge Haat (bazaar) area near the reception area where Rann Utsav supports local artisans. The shops sell handicrafts, embellished outfits, art, footwear, shawls, and much more.


Many activities are lined up for those who love adventure and want to take advantage of the opportunity. The events at Rann Utsav Tent City Dhordo can attract a local arena audience as well as a global audience. There is more to this festival than just being joyful. It brings vibrant colors to salt-encrusted desert grasslands. Traveling to Kutch will never dishearten you as it provides an extraordinary view of deserts with traditional handicrafts prepared by the locals of Kutch. Kutch is widely known as the White Desert of India, so plan a trip and stay at a resort near Kutch of Rann.

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