Official Date Announced of Rann Utsav 2023-2024

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Tour Guide

The Rann Utsav, an annual winter festival in Kutch, Gujarat, India, offers visitors a glimpse of the vibrant and exotic Kutch during its vastly colorful and exotic appearance. It is one of India’s most anticipated tourism events. The Rann Utsav celebrates nature’s wonders as well as Kutch’s vibrant cultural and artistic heritage. The tent city is spread across five lac acres, five lakh tons of materials, and runs for four months.

In Rann of Kutch, visitors can experience mesmerizing wildlife species. Rann Utsav is a significant reason to visit Kutch to explore its two natural landscapes from November 1st, 2023, to February 29th, 2024.

Here’s Where You Can Find It:

It is located at the highest point of the Kutch district, near the Tropic of Cancer. Tourists plan to visit the place via Dhordo, 85 km away from Bhuj. A spectacular experience awaits visitors in the Rann of Kutch, a vast expanse of smashed earth stretching from the sea to the north. The Little Rann of Kutch is nearly 200 km east of the Rann, with cottages covering 4953 square. There are several accommodation options at the Kutch Rann Utsav, but Dhordo in Kutch is considered the best place to stay near the salt desert since it lies on the hills.

A Brief History of Rann of Kutch:

Originally a sprawling shallow of the Arabian Sea, the region evolved into a seasonal marshy salt desert over time due to continuous geological shifts. In monsoons, marshes fill with water, and the wetland extends west to east along the Gulf of Kutch. When the water dries, the salty white land turns crunchy, and the massive crater Rann of Kutch stands on an island from the coast, safe to leave you speechless.

Rann” refers to the desert, which derives from the Sanskrit word “Irina,” which is translated as “Rann.” The Rann of Kutch is known for its white, salty sand and is considered the world’s largest salt desert. The people in Kutch are known as Katchi and speak a language called Katchi. Sikhs, Jains, Muslims, and Hindus comprise most of the population in the Rann of Katch.

The Best Accommodation is Available;

A Rann Utsav Tent City offers all types of tents from budgets to luxury, including Non AC Swiss Cottages, Deluxe, Premiums, and Super Premiums. It offers a full package from Bhuj to Bhuj including transfers, guided tours, meals, activities, a club house, and a craft bazaar, along with meals.

It creates a wonderful experience during your stay, so if you wish to give your friends and family the best experience, then come and explore Rann Utsav Tent City.


Rann Utsav is a salt desert festival held annually by the Gujarat government, it is a source of income for the residents who welcome tourists from around the world to experience Kutchi culture and hospitality.

It is possible to take Rann Utsav tour packages in India and get the best deal on the white desert festival from tour operators. Licensed travel agency Aasaan Holidays provides the best services and rates in Gujarat for Kutch Rann Utsav tent city booking. The tent city is ready and set to welcome tourists from all over the world. To make it easier for visitors, online booking for Kutch Rann Utsav 2023- 2024 has been opened and visitors can book these tents from our official website www.rannutsavtentcity.in. Due to the beauty of the white moon under the white Rann, visitors want to experience the Full Moon Package.

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