What are the Best Places to Stay when Visiting Kutch Rann Utsav?

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The fascinating charm of Kutch binds with its magnificent white dessert and the rich cultural traditions. It has several big and small villages within.

The people of Kutch are known for their great hospitality and sound artistry. Kutch is the best site to visit during the winter. You can get pleasant stay options to match your lifestyle.

It has beautiful resorts and fabulous hotels with excellent amenities that will make your travel experience a lifetime memory.


The Rann of Kutch is an island. It resembles the shape of a tortoise. Kutch is the largest district in India. Kutch is the land of culture, art, traditions and great landform.

The literal meaning of Kutch us wet and dry. But in Sanskrit, Kutch means Tortoise. Most of the great rann of Kutch is covered with water in the monsoon and gets dry in winter.

Kutch is the marvel of nature with white desert and great art and architecture from Indus Valley Civilization to the Rao Dynasty, a perfect place for Tourism and romance.

The great sea and desert complementing each other give charm to it. The Great Rann of Kutch is the world’s largest white sand desert. Tourists enjoy walking on Mandvi beach, the march on the Indo Pak border of Kutch and exploring the Great Rann of Kutch.

If you are excited to have a vacation in Kutch and confused about where to stay, we have described the good options of luxurious accommodations. You can select the best resort near kutch rann utsav that meets all your requirements.

Rann Utsav Tent City

The tent city – Dhordo in Gujarat is the focus of all tourists in winter as it brings with it the ecstatic carnival of culture – the Rann Utsav.

This carnival is all about experiencing handicrafts, art, culture, cuisine and adventure stretched across the white sand of the Rann of Kutch. The nearest airport and railway station is 85km away from Dhordo at Bhuj.

A temporary and the largest tent city is getting prepared near Dhordo village. It is about a kilometre away during these four festive months. It takes about two months to set up the 400+ tents sprawling across 5,00,000km on the white salt.

These tents facilitate dining halls, recreation areas, stages for live performances, exhibitions, stalls. During the Rann Utsav by rann utsav tent city booking, you can gear for adventurous activities.

It offers various sizes and different styles of tents. These tents form incomplete circles giving it a beautiful bird’s eye view while you enjoy the aerial adventure sports. You can choose the tents, suites and cottages with or without AC.

A delicious Kutchi cuisine will wake up your taste buds. Shop for a range of unique handicrafts, folk dance, and music can build the festival’s ambience. Different performers are invited here for live shows across India.

White Rann Resort

The White Rann Resort Booking serves guests a marvellous ambience for a pleasant vacation and an escape from routine life. The rooms have decorative artworks of the locals that creates an authentic atmosphere for the tourists.

The White Rann Resort dwells in Dhordo Village, which is 7Km away from the magnificent Rann Utsav. It offers a beautiful ambience with grasses and a walk area with Bhunga huts. It has an exciting and enticing location, with scenic views to glam your stay.

The in-house restaurant serves multi-cuisine. White Rann Resort facilitates many recreational indoor activities and outdoor games like cycling, badminton and many more.

There are full arrangements to make your every evening full of joy, music and dance with cultural programs that are held in the theatre.

Gateway to Rann Resort

The Rann Resort is the only Village resort that resided near the White Sea banks. The Kutch Rann Resort, situated in Dhordo Village of Bhuj, is the perfect staying option to live village life in mud huts.

Such mud huts are locally called Bhunga, from where you can witness the scenic white desert at a considerable distance. It has traditional Village appearance accommodation. It has cushions and beds with ethnic designs, and the walls have a terracotta design.

It offers two kinds of accommodations such as the Darbari Bhunga and the AC Bhunga. It has all the modern amenities with all-time lavish meals. To add up more vibrant to your spirit, they arrange evening traditional folklore.

What makes it a more selectable staying option is the minimal distance from the white desert as it forms a venue so important. There are options to choose the relevant packages to choose from with Kutch Rann Resort.

Shaam-e-sarhad village resort

The Shaam-e-Sarhad resort is an excellent stay option and will give you a genuine holiday experience when visiting Kutch. Local culture and craft-based tourism are getting promoted by Hodka Tourism here. The rooms are cosy, comfortable and sophisticated, fully equipped with all the needed facilities.

It aids in integrated rural development and sustainable livelihoods. By folklore timeworn traditions, the community contributes to the cultural celebration.

The ambience is well decorated, with mirror work, textiles, and other local crafts traditionally and exquisitely. Situated in Hodka village, the Shaam-e-Sarhad resort is surrounded by natural beauty.

It has a glorious location from which you can discover the attractive lands of Kutch. Through the Endogenous Tourism Team, local handicrafts, music, traditional food and local lifestyle are getting promoted.

Rann Village Resort

The beautiful Rann Village Resort is in Bhirandiyara village of Kutch. They offer quite an affluent service with delightful hospitality reflecting the grateful tradition of Kutch.

The ambience is aligned just like a village. It offers all amenities to make your stay more relaxing and memorable. Rann Village Resort surrounded by the Bhungas (Huts). The conical rooftop brings scenic views from a distance.

Cultural programs and other folk musical performances make your evening vibrant for celebrating every night. Also, guides are available for sightseeing.

Other staying options

Other staying options are, Rann Home Stay, Rann Visamo Village, Kutch Resort, Toran Resort, Rann Bhoomi Resort, Rann Kandhi Resort.

You will love to explore the attractions such as White Rann, Bhuj, Chari-Dhand wetland conservation reserve and Kala Dungar, as all reside at a relevant distance.

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