Why You Should Visit Rann of Kutch during Rann Utsav 2023-2024?

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An initiative of Gujarat Tourism, the Rann Utsav, is the longest carnival to rejoice on the land of the Great Rann of Kutch. The Rann Utsav is the most awaited 3-month long cultural festival to celebrate the wonder of nature at the White Desert and the heritage of Kutch.

The Rann Utsav is a magnificent cultural festival with natural beauty and glory, to enjoy camel rides on the seashores, cultural actions, folks dance performances, shopping spots, outside actions and varied tent lodging and much more. It is perfectly said, “Kutch Nahi Dekha to Kuch Nahi Dekha ” by Shri Amitabh Bachchan.

Reason to Visit Kutch Rann Utsav

The Rann of Kutch is famous for its serene beauty of nature and magical night. If you wish to experience the magic, get a rann utsav tent city booking to spend the night at the Rann gazing at the star-filled sky from the White Desert. Watch Sunrise that brightens up the place. The sky filled with vibrant colours orange, purple, pink and red to decorate sunset time.

When Does The Rann Utsav Start?

The official dates announced to enjoy the marvel of Rann Utsav, with folk music, dance and authentic food with tented accommodations, are from 1st November 2023 to 25th February 2024.

Vision Of Rann Utsav

The traditional culture of the Kutch and the natural formation of the White Desert Rann Utsav is an event to celebrate. The entire concept was visioned and designed by Shri Narendra Modi, was Chief Minister of Gujarat and current Prime Minister.

The Venue Of Rann Utsav

The Rann Utsav is celebrated every year at the Great Rann Of Kutch, located in the western state of India, Gujarat.

Things To Do At The Rann Utsav


  • Witness the Full Moon Night

Get rann of kutch trip cost to visit the Rann Utsav during the full-moon night. You can enjoy dining under the stars and moonlight reflecting from the salt crystals.

  • An Aerial View of the Great Rann of Kutch

You can get an aerial view of the world’s largest salt desert. You can enjoy the air balloon trip and the view from the top, to feel like a flying bird.

  • Enjoy the Best Outdoor activities and Adventure.

The outdoor activities to participate in are, Stargazing, Paintball, Trikke driving, exploring the place by a segway, and camel ride. Adventure activities such as paramotoring, ATV imply machine using, rifle taking pictures, archery, bicycle ride, and many more will refresh you thoroughly.

  • Visit the Beaches

The area across the white desert has white sea beaches and seashores. You can enjoy a camel ride, horse ride, water sports activities and Kutchi Dabeli at Mandvi seaside.

  • Learn and explore Kutchi Art and Crafts

Surrounding villages are well known for their beautiful clothes and textiles. You can see the whole process of the textile business. You can buy handlooms and handicrafts at the cheapest costs. You can learn to make art and craft by attending workshops set up and conducted by proficient artists of the villages.

  • Visit the Prag Mahal and Aaina Mahal.

Prag Mahal and Aaina Mahal were preserved for centuries and even after the earthquake. Prag Mahal has great carving, jaali work and marvellous architecture. Aaina Mahal is architectured with shining glass, clean tiles and aesthetic antiques. Aaina means glass, and it seems like a dream palace.

  • Taste the Kutchi cuisine and Winter foods

India is known for its hospitality. Kutch is incredible to experience the winter recipes. You can enjoy meal stalls that provide meals round the clock.

  • Shopping

Kutchi work is very much famous for its uniqueness. Kutch markets are famous for traditional Ghagra, Choli, Kurtis, Mojris, Bandhani Sarees, Dupatta, Shawls with mirror work, Copper bells and Rogan artwork.


The White Desert is a historical and cultural place called the heaven of Kutch. Sunset is a delight to photographers, nature lovers and honeymooners, while sky colours reflect through salt crystals.


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